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Sai Maa is dedicated to creating masters—not followers—capable of transforming the planet. Global enlightenment is her mission, and that begins when you take action.

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An Intimate Experience with an Enlightened Master
As a master of energy, Sai Maa offers a precious gift to humanity through the ancient practice of Darshan. Darshan from a living master is highly sought after, and is an exquisite opportunity to awaken and activate the divine qualities within us—a moment to see and touch the highest of who we are.

Darshan with Sai Maa is intimate, reciprocal, and unique to each of us. Sai Maa looks upon us, seeing only our divinity and wholeness, and calls it forth… leading us into light. Darshan with Sai Maa is to receive a healing grace that enlightens us and remains with us always.

I was blown away by the atmosphere in the room. It was charged with vibrating peace and acceptance. When I received Darshan, I felt Maa could see me on all levels, my past, my present and most important the person I was striving to become. I never realized what it felt like to be truly blessed and now I do.
Robert Omansky

Petals of Grace: Essential Teachings for Self-Mastery
For decades, Sai Maa has been writing reflections, universal insights, and private letters, and most of this treasured wisdom is yet to be published. Petals of Grace: Essential Teachings for Self-Mastery is a seminal collection of some of Maa’s most potent and practical teachings for humanity. In this broad and inspirational introduction to Maa’s teachings, every word, every page vibrates with Sai Maa’s deep wisdom. Petals of Grace is an essential volume for those beginning the journey of awakening as well as advanced students of metaphysics. Now published in four languages, Petals of Grace continues to gain in influence and audience around the globe.
“My Precious Ones, it is very, very easy to know when you are in truth: the relationship will uplift you, and the feelings will uplift you. Feelings that are from the truth will uplift you, expand you, and shift you into a state of inner joy, a certain delight that is real, that is from within.”
“Love is truth, and every single thing comes from Love. Through Love, freedom is experienced.”
“Allow the Light that you are to shine, to emanate from you, so that everywhere you are, this Light will become activated.”
“When you understand that you are only consciousness, there is ‘no thing’ to do, no liberation to seek, no ignorance to come out of, no karma, no personal or individual responsibility, ‘no thing’ to become. Just be and it unfolds by itself.”
Transfrom your Life Through Sai Maa Teachings
Transform your life through Sai Maa’s teachings
Inspired by the vision of Sai Maa, the Awakened Life movement empowers people around the world to find spiritual fulfillment, and ultimately, personal enlightenment. Sai Maa personally trains each Awakened Life teacher and is the source supporting the movement’s online courses, enlightenment programs, and meditation tools.

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With more than 50 educational and community groups on five continents, Sai Maa’s global community focuses on learning and exemplifying Sai Maa’s teachings and offering seva (selfless service). Led by Brahmacharis (nuns and monks), Sai Maa’s Teachers, and students alike, these groups include regional centers in Canada, Chile, India, Israel, Japan, the United States, and across Europe.

The path of grace takes us to truth in all traditions, all cultures.

~ Sai Maa