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Distinguished Names and Honorary Titles

In addition to the title of Jagadguru, Sai Maa has been given many additional distinguished names and honorary titles in recognition of her contributions and impact across different cultures and spiritual traditions.

“Her Divinity” and “Param Satchidanand Surupa” (2011)
Awarded in Gujarat, India at the Gurukul (Vedic school for priests), Bhagwan Yagna Valkya Vedtattva Gyan Yogashram Trust.

“Hine Rau Mahoranui o Waitaha” (2009)
Initiated into the Waitaha Family, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

“Jagadguru Bhaktimayi Meera Bai” (2007)
Awarded by the President of Four Akhara Parishad, Ani Akhara Takur, at Ardha Kumbh Mela, Allahabad, India. The first time this Title has been given to a lady in Kumbh Mela’s 1,000 years and Vaishnav Saint Society’s 2,700-year history.

“Divine Mother” (2006)
Awarded at the first International Interfaith Congress in Varanasi, India by the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, undersigned by His Holiness Sri Satuwa Baba Maharaji, Vice Chancellor S.S. Kushwaha and Dr. Ravi Prakash Pandey.

“Chancellor” (2006)
This title was conferred in association with The Physician of the Soul Academy of the All Faiths Seminary International in New York, United States.

“Shree Param Pujya” and “Paramhansa Parivrajakacharya” (2006)
The name “Rajarajeshwari Shree Paramapujaniya Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi” along with the degree “Paramahamsa Parivrajaka Acharya” were bestowed by the College of Ahmedabad, India, Bhagavaan Yagnyavalkya Ved Tattvagyaan Yogaashram, Anant Dhaam.

“Ambassador of Indian Culture” and “Gem of Humanity and Service” (2005)
Conveyed by the Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Trust and Balbhavan Children’s School in Rajkot, India.

“Her Holy Divine Rebbitzen” (2005)
Bestowed by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman.

“1008 Mahamandleshwar Sri Sarvanandamayi Maa” (2005)
Bestowed by Sadhu Samaj (Saint Society in Varanasi) and Anant Shri Vibhushit Jagadguru Shree Vishnu Swami Yamunacharyaji Maharaj Satuwa Baba, during Maha Shivaratri at the Satuwa Baba Ashram, Varanasi, India.

“Her Holiness” and “Master of Enlightenment” (2005)
Conveyed during the International Vedic Conference by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the Gurukula Kangri Vishva Vidyalaya, Haridwar, India. The first time such an honor has been given to a female in the University’s 100-plus year history.

“Hamsa Amba” (2004)
Given by Gurunathan in his Kerala Ashram. “Hamsa” is a swan representing perfect union, balance, and life.

“Nithyananda Mayi Maa” (2004)
Given by Parama Pujya Paramacharya Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal (Apaji) at Kailash Ashram in Bangalore. The name means “Mother of Absolute Bliss.”

“Jewel of Society” (2004)
Bestowed by the City of Mumbai, India.

“Nasirumbi” (July 2002)
Conferred in Uganda, Africa during a visit as a special envoy. The name means “the season of brightest sunlight.”

“Sradha” (1998)
Given by the Guru of the Ved-Niketan Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India. “Sradha” is the name of the Mother who was with Ramakrishna.