Pillar of Light Meditation

“Meditation is a tool for you to go into your heart and meet the highest truth of yourself.”

– Sai Maa

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20 minute Meditation Template

  • Invoke the Presence and light within you (1 minute)
    Sitting in stillness, take a few deep conscious breaths and draw your awareness inward. With your intention invoke the Presence and light to be fully present within you.
  • Repeat “Om” 6 times
    Repeat the mantra (sacred sound) “Om” aloud 6 times.
    Learn more about mantra practice.
  • Sit in silence for a minute and feel the light expand
    Allow yourself to relax and rest in your inner experience, whatever it may be. From that restful state become aware of the light that is expanding through you.
  • Activate a column of light around you (6 minutes)
    • Breathe consciously and expand your awareness in your heart.
    • Bring your awareness to the crown of your head and welcome the descent of light from your Higher Self.
    • With your breath and awareness direct this light to expand throughout your physical body until you feel your cells vibrating with light.
    • Breathe and expand the light beyond the physical body to fill all your subtle bodies.
    • Expand the light even further to activate a column of light around your physical and subtle bodies.
    • Feel the alignment, clarity and strength that you are as a pillar of light.
    • Anchor within yourself the knowingness “I am a Pillar of Light”.
  • Practice one round of Pranayama (2-3 minutes)
    • Sit with your spine straight, chest open and shoulders relaxed.
    • Place your hands in the “maha-chin mudra” with thumb covering nail of pointer finger and other fingers outstretched. Rest your hands on your knees with the palms facing upwards.
    • Inwardly direct your gaze to your 1st eye between the eyebrows and curl your tongue up to touch your upper palate.
    • Breathe only through your nose, and exhale strongly, pressing back on the abdomen, allowing the inhale to happen by itself. Begin slowly and steadily, then gradually breathe faster, and finally breathe as fast as you can.
    • After 2-3 minutes relax the breath and rest in stillness, breathing naturally.
    • Learn more about pranayama and this specific “Breath of Fire” pranayama.
  • Sit in silence (6 minutes)
    Allow your body to be still and relaxed and dive further into your inner experience. Whenever you find your mind wandering come back to the awareness of your breath.
  • Closing
    Bring your awareness to Maa’s Presence within and around you. Feel Maa’s profound love for you. In this space of divine love, expand your awareness to imagine or feel our global community spread around the planet. Feel yourself as part of a pulsating grid of light connecting us all as pillars of light around the globe.