Enlightened Living Groups

The experience of being in alignment with source and awakened to the bliss of our own light is intoxicating. How do YOU, on a day-to-day basis, generate this awareness of your light in your life and in your community?

Sai Maa Enlightened Living Groups are small gatherings that exist to support you on your journey through meditation based on the teachings of Sai Maa. They are comprised of both current students and people who are new to the Sai Maa community, and they meet on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) in a setting fitting to the group size (members’ homes or some other suitable location).

Enlightened Living Groups follow a powerful format and materials for each group meeting. At the heart of of this program are the teachings in Sai Maa’s book, Petals of Grace. At each meeting the group will read a chapter of Petals of Grace, followed by a discussion based on pre-prepared questions. These gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to experience Sai Maa's teachings and to enjoy the upliftment of community.

Find a Group Near You

Many people around the world gather together on a regular basis for group meditations based on the teachings of Sai Maa. These gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to experience Sai Maa's teachings and to enjoy the upliftment of community.

The group list is currently being updated. Please check back soon for the new listing.

Host an Enlightened Living Group

Engaging the Teachings through Sai Maa's book, Petals of Grace

Deepen and develop your spiritual mastery by becoming an Enlightened Living Group host. You will be provided materials, meeting outlines and a mentor who will support and train you in hosting the group meetings in a way that embodies Sai Maa’s energy and teachings. No previous experience is required.

The only requirement is to form an Enlightened Living Group in your
area and participate fully in your training.

Become a Host

Resources for Hosts

Host Training

Learn the process of forming and hosting a group in a way that is consistent with the teachings of Sai Maa.

The following materials will guide you every step of the way:

Group Meeting Guides

Twenty-two Meeting Guides have been formulated around each chapter in Sai Maa's book, Petals of Grace. These guides take you step-by-step through every part of each of your meetings including the opening meditation, a reading from Petals of Grace, discussion questions, diksha, chanting, and a closing meditation. You don't need to be an expert. There is nothing for you to learn or memorize.

Download the latest meeting guides

Invitation Materials

Part of a Hosting a successful group is having people attend your meetings. Please utilize the beautiful invitation and brochure found below.