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Sai Maa's Invitation to Support Nepal Relief Efforts

By Sai Maa


Your Help is Urgently Needed

Sai Maa is in hourly contact with people in Nepal. The situation is dire. Due to the destruction, aid workers are having difficulty entering the country. There is much sickness due to the lack of clean water. Sai Maa is sending supplies and people from India who have easier access. Please support Sai Maa’s efforts in whatever way you can by donating to the Sai Maa Vishnu Shakti Trust today.

Beloved Souls,

I offer you my heart for you to know you are always loved and cared for by the Divine.

As we witness what is occurring from the earthquake in Nepal each one has an opportunity to practice the teachings, to be love in action. Mother Earth is going through her birthing process as she ascends into a new frequency of consciousness. The old frequencies of fear and non-light are being released, as Mother Earth literally shakes herself awake.

In our interconnectedness with all, know that your greatest service is to be in and act from that high frequency of love. Every moment you consciously choose love over fear, you are magnifying the greatest force of transformation on this planet. From this choice I invite you to be in action to support those in need in Nepal. Many organizations are dedicated to providing emergency relief to those affected by the earthquake. I encourage you to contribute financially to these efforts.

Beloved Ones, I offer my gratitude to you. I see and I honor the purity of your heart, your desire to serve, and your willingness to be the light that will illuminate this world.

In the Unity of Love,
Your ever,