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Pundits Offer Dakshina as Humanitarian Donation


Following teachings offered by H.H. Sai Maa to the pundits (priests) at the Shaktidhaam ashram on the power of service and donating, the pundits offered all their dakshina (monetary offerings) as a humanitarian donation. The following message to Sai Maa was shared by Anant Das Maharaj from the ashram:

“My Maa, all pundits offered all their dakshina for humanitarian donation. They all received the translated teachings of Mataji’s recent message. We sat in silence for 30 seconds, very powerful and deep feeling of love…there is such a special shakti when it comes for giving of the donations. I sat with Manish [one of the Ashram staff] for a moment and he said, ‘the energy of giving is so special.’ The pundits were very sincere in their giving and they seem to be touched by the teachings.”

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