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Honoring the soul of Param Pujya Shri Mahant Barfani Dadaji Maharaj


We have learned that one of the great saints of India, Param Pujya Shri Mahant Barfani Dadaji Maharaj, has left the body. Many of you may remember him from the Kumbh Mela when he greeted us with such love and generosity, sharing prasad, smiling and looking at us with a twinkle in his eyes. During one visit, he expressed his love for H.H. Sai Maa by placing his beret cap on Maa’s head for Maa to keep. He has had a great impact on our lineage and his disciples through his teachings and travel over the many years of his incarnation. The recorded day of his birth is Diwali 1792, which means this year he was 228 years old.