Celebrating The Auspicious Time Of Sai Maa’s Birthday

Aug 27, 2015 | Holy Days


To Our Global Family,

Throughout July and August, we are celebrating the birth of Sai Maa. At this auspicious time of a Master’s birthday, the loving service of Sai Maa is intensified for each of us, humanity and the planet.

As we express gratitude, our hearts are opened and we receive a multitude of blessings. We are truly blessed to be living at the same time as Maa. Maa’s greatest wish for us during our lives is to realize all that we are, to become more and more aware of our essence as Self, as a divine being, thus being of greater service to others and the world.

Maa offers us the following birthday message, and we invite you to find meaning for yourselves in these words, and to allow the vibration, the powerful energy of the words, to serve you in your evolution.