Message from Sai Maa: The Kumbh Mela has Begun!

Aug 25, 2015 | Holy Days


Beloved Soul,

With deep love and great joy, I welcome you into the glorious Shakti of the Kumbh Mela. I invite you to experience the divine ecstasy pouring forth from Nashik, India where the Kumbh Mela is just beginning. So many great saints and enlightened masters are coming together to serve you for our transition into the Golden Age.

For one month, over 50 million souls will gather near the banks of Godavari, a living Goddess Herself, to receive the Darshan of the celestial realms in the form of amrit, the nectar of immortality. This nectar I offer to you, as your soul yearns for it.

I am working with the vortex of energy of the Kumbh to uplift human consciousness, connecting this work to our ashram in Varanasi and to each of you around the world.  For this work, I have invited 25 Vedic pundits from throughout India to be at our camp in Nashik, to perform two days of ceremonies for the benefit of humanity. These ceremonies will include yagyas or sacred fire ceremonies. Many times we have chanted the names of Shiva, Krishna, Lakshmi, Durga and you have tasted their divine perfection. Now their energies will be activated in these ceremonies for your benefit and personal transformation.

On the eve of the Royal Bath, the main event of the Kumbh Mela – on September 13th – the pundits will gather to recite the Four Vedas, the direct vibrations of the Divine. Maharaji and I used to sit together in pure bliss, listening to these chants. It is such a rare gift for all Four Vedas to be chanted outside of Varanasi, and I bestow their blessings upon each of you.

If you only knew all of the energies I bring for each of you, you would not hesitate to grab this Shakti for yourselves. In these accelerated times, I wish for each of you to know that you are loved. Feel my love for you, my heart, my devotion to you. I am eager to serve you, for you to know your divine consciousness in this lifetime, and I offer you this opportunity to be transformed through these ceremonies. I will work with each of you for the deep purification and renewal of your soul’s purpose, enlivened with passion and devotion. I will be with you throughout this holy month of the Kumbh Mela as the Sacred Fire continues to unveil the light of Self within.

In the glory of your very own divinity and the magnificence of your soul, I embrace you deep within my heart.

Your Ever,