The Sacred Fire: Part Two

Feb 10, 2015 | Sacred Fire


When I speak of enlightenment, remember that the word “enlightenment” means to put light into something which is not full of light. You cannot “attain” enlightenment because you are pure light at your essence. Do not look for something you already are. You are That. You are already full of light, but it is covered by the actions of the outer self, which have not been pure for many lifetimes, and have taken you to “lower” frequencies. To God there is no “up” or “down.” What I am referring to here is to enlightening the personality so it merges with the Higher Self.

To shift to the higher frequencies and dimensions, the outer self is to give obedience. The reason there has been the tradition of the Guru asking the student to be obedient is because this is the only way human creation says “yes” to higher frequencies. Awareness doesn’t come by itself. What we see is that the outer self does what it chooses, lifetime after lifetime. If the outer self obeys the Higher Self as the Guru, then it becomes calm and peaceful. When the Flame of Love and Truth, which is part of the Sacred Fire, is pure, one’s own freedom is manifested. Then you are living in dignity and nobility.

To change the energy in the subtle bodies, chakras, nadis, conscious mind, and unconscious mind – the whole being – use the Sacred Fire. If an action is “wrong,” pour the Sacred Fire into it. The mighty power of the Sacred Fire will install and establish itself in action; and actions will change their frequency to a “higher” vibration. This is the fastest way to correct human creation. The Law of the Universe is the Law of the Sacred Fire. From the heart of the Sacred Fire comes all elements. Look around. A flower, a piece of wire, a vase, the Sacred Fire is in all of these, as it is in all elements. Shakti creates from the center or womb of creation. The reason why people change after coming to see Maa is because Maa is using Shakti from the Sacred Fire and directing it into their karma, into their contracts with others, into their subtle bodies, personality, thought forms, brain, everywhere, and using it to activate the kundalini.

When one chooses the Will of the Sacred Fire, the Sacred Fire will flood this being fully. The quickest way to become a Beacon of Light is through the use of the Sacred Fire. When the Sacred Fire is active in a being that is aware and gives obedience to the Sacred Fire, it doesn’t take long for them to live in the Light. In fact, the Light you see around holy beings is because the Sacred Fire is active and has entered their aura.

The Sacred Fire is focused Shakti and can be used in all conditions. It is always at service for purification. If one is living in the heart when purification takes place, they can experience a state of bliss instantly. The Sacred Fire is a great protection.

In the Victory of Love,

Your Ever,