The Sacred Fire: Part One

Feb 2, 2015 | Sacred Fire


Beloved Souls,

When we create a Yagya it is an invocation to the fire energy. We are invoking an aspect of this energy from the womb of creation. Yagya is a manifestation, a tiny aspect of the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire exists in each of us in the physical form. Sometimes I create Yagyas when you are not physically present just to force you to go inside. These rituals are to take people from the mind into the heart, from fear to love. It is as simple as ABC. On the 3rd dimension, attention is always focused outside of oneself. The laws of the higher dimensions are different. The 5th and 6th dimensions are about turning within, going inside and manifesting from there. You will find everything you seek inside your own self. This is why I say don’t worship me, don’t worship the outer. It is all inside you – Christ, Buddha, the Elohim, Maa – everything is inside. The universe is inside of you. It is a matter of AWARENESS and CHOICE.

The Yagya is performed to bless and protect all those who are choosing and serving the Light, and to burn all past karma. The “duty” of Light, being Truth and Divinity, is to serve all these beings. The outer self doesn’t know and does not generate Sacred Fire. The outer self is to make the call for the Sacred Fire, meaning that we ask every single aspect of the outer self to be filled with Sacred Fire. The Presence in, and of, the Sacred Fire concentrates and focuses at a point that produces a special energy for the perfection of the Self. All of us are on a pilgrimage on this planet. We are all custodians; we are all “guests” of the Supreme Self, coming into higher levels of manifestation.

The senses have a tendency to work with mind and ego and move into lower frequencies. When one moves into lower frequencies, one is feeding entities that live off of these dense vibrations. So these lower frequencies bind one to lower realms: the “evil,” “dark,” and dense forces. Many people do not know it, but mankind often uses energy from entities. This comes into one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions and has a destructive effect.

Now is time for mankind to recreate the highest form of life here. The Sacred Fire burns, reduces to ash, and transmutes into purity all these lower frequencies or impurities. It transforms slavery into victory and Divine freedom which takes one into the Original Flame. For that, the personality is to give obedience to the Supreme part of oneself, and use the Sacred Fire Presence to burn all energies which are not of the highest.

The use of the Sacred Fire is beyond the word “powerful.” Energy when used becomes power. All the time we are using energy, all is energy. All energy is in the Sacred Fire, and the Sacred Fire is in all energy. We can use energy to experience passion for God or passion in the outer self. The Sacred Fire has its part of creation and has the power to sustain and produce creation. Therefore, if there is “dark” energy in a being, I ask them to focus and use the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire will burn all past contracts one has created and purify the emotional, the mental, and all the subtle bodies. The Sacred Fire will recreate humanness into wholeness and transmute human creation so that one experiences only the Divine Consciousness which is hidden under layers of human creation.

The substance of this human creation is not pure, so all of this creation is to be flooded by the Sacred Fire. The Sacred Fire is creation itself, except it is in a different attribute. For Ascension, a person is to give permission to the Sacred Fire to render pure all actions, past and present. Only when a human gives permission to have all actions, thoughts, and feelings washed, and flooded by the Sacred Fire, only then can it happen. Only then these human creations can be changed into perfection. Otherwise actions will never change their vibration, their frequency. When these frequencies are shifted, then we can say Sainthood, Enlightenment, and Ascension in higher consciousness is possible.

In the Victory of Love,

Your Ever,