I Am Yours, Baba

Nov 17, 2014 | Uncategorized


Sai Maa was introduced to Sri Sathya Sai Baba more than 30 years ago. Recognizing her Guru, Maa became a dedicated disciple of Sai Baba. Maa attributes all that she has become to the love and dedication of her beloved Guru. Maa’s focus is to serve Baba as a legacy of his teachings, his work, his many years on this planet serving humanity.

Maa often tells her students that she is nothing without Baba, could not be who she is now without Baba’s devotion, discipline and teachings, and could not be offering divine love to us all without Baba’s love. Maa is an example for us all of pure devotion to a Master, serving humanity as a shining example of one’s Guru.

What follows is a letter that Maa wrote to Baba, a message that clearly reflects who Baba is for Maa, the pure love and devotion of a disciple for her Guru.


I Am Yours, Baba

O Baba,

Grant me the grace of revealing the Father in me to the world, so the Father touches humanity through my hands, so the Father speaks to humanity through my throat and mouth, so the Father’s Look is experienced through my eyes. May all actions, thoughts, feelings be all Yours, Father, I AM Presence. May my simple, humble heart be the Father’s Heart, so all feel so loved that this Divine Eternal Love transforms their lives, and they come back to the Eternal Home again as in the beginning.

I AM Yours, Baba. Manifest Your Presence, manifest Your Divine Purity through me for all. May I manifest Your Light, Your Cosmic Glory, Your Cosmic Victory of Divine Eternal Pure Love. May You be visible through my whole being, accessible to all souls who are so hungry for Your Glory. I am willing, Shiva Baba. I am dedicated, Baba. No other goal in life [exists] for me. Through my being, allow Yourself to be seen—manifest Yourself for all humans, no matter what their past has been.

Father, embody my whole being. I am Yours, Your Property, Your daughter in the Light, the only Light representing You in The Glory, The Victory of Light. Grant me the grace of loving all with no condition, assisting them in the wisdom, the knowingness that they are not separate from You, Baba.

Beloved Baba, fulfill all Your Divine Desire through my being. Baba, You are my God. Sometimes I feel so intoxicated by Your Divine Fragrance of love. Make of me Your Practical Purity of heart. Take me fast in You, fully. To You, in great respect, great humility, I claim my divinity, my immortality.

Please, my Beloved Lord, choose me as Your messenger for all, as Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge—by Your Divine Love give [me] a chance to [serve] all on this planet, to taste Your Divine Pure Devoted Love for each of them. My heart is Yours, my whole being is Yours, to be used by You, God. All devotion from my being is for, You, for Your Creation. I am devoted to The Light, to the Victory of Light, to the Glory of Love, that Love which activates forgiveness.

May You heal all those who come, at all levels. May I be Your instrument to dispel pain and suffering from seekers. May I be of service to You through an illuminated mind, a pure mind, wise words, pure action, All Ways serving You, Baba.

I choose togetherness with You, to bring Love, Peace, Unity in the world. I AM free Baba; I AM ready to do anything You ask, anything which fulfills Your desires and wishes. I ask Your Grace to All Ways behave Divinely. Isn’t it my birthright to be Your attribute? I choose to represent You, to be a manifestation of You, to be the divine Grace Itself, Love, Service—to be the embodiment of all Your qualities, be like You, walking on this planet.

Your Beloved Daughter,
who feels so loved by You,
who chooses to be Victorious
in Eternity

In the Victory of Love,

Your Ever,