Sai Maa Diksha

Jan 1, 2014 | Uncategorized


Great, great Love with Divine Blessings to all of you. As I have said for years, light is to be in maximum brains around the world. This gift of Sai Maa Diksha (initiation of pure light blessings) is a great preparation for global enlightenment, for the transcendence and transformation of old patterns of human discordance, human distortion, bringing pure light into the brain and from there into the nervous system as well as in your whole being. The time has come for radical transformation in humans to manifest the new species for the Golden Age on this planet. A profound shift in the cellular structure, the DNA, activating the original blueprint in the cells. This is the reality of illumination, the reality of Spirit, allowing liquid light to bring your cellular structure into communication, inter-cellular, inter-dimensional.
Beloveds, you are in a phase of your numerous incarnations so longed for, a Great Shift. There is a purpose for your being here right now. You are living a new beginning, a great transition time, a journey home, an inter-dimensional journey to You, a journey to magnify and express your magnificence. You with You, as you are multi-dimensional, you are spiritual in nature. You are so blessed at this time, to incarnate and evolve as light beings, pillars of light, to serve the light, to serve all humanity. Your energy is ripe with fulfillment; promises are now coming to fruition.

Move forward, change your destiny, redesign your future, tap into your spiritual lineage, through Diksha, through the actions you take now. The time has come, it’s now. Lift yourself up from old patterns, old energy. Claim your birthright, the gifts being offered to you, the phenomenal new energy right here for you to receive, to activate, to use, to share. Enter the massive positive transformation, enhance your spiritual power, let your light shine. Enjoy your light which will change many around you. Allow yourself to be filled with light, filled with that magic healing power of Supreme Love, Supreme Light. Give Love, give Spirit a chance to lift you up, and with you all of humanity.

Please tell me, what do you do with life, what do you do for life? You are using life energy constantly. How do you give back to life? By offering Sai Maa Diksha, receiving Sai Maa Diksha, you spread this transformative light which is the flame of Pure Love from your Divine Presence. Be free and serve, be free as love, free as light, as the energy you are. It’s your time, live your purpose. Create your reality as a multi-dimensional being. Offer your love and light, your hearts, through this initiation, as a movement across the planet, a wave of coherence, of pure energy. Diksha carries the vibration of Purity through which you evolve to a unified field of consciousness. Through Diksha, you are using Shakti, this creating power of All That Is, to illumine life, to illumine living beings. Please know that Diksha can be offered to pregnant women, newborn babies, children, the elderly, those leaving the planet, animals, trees. As a global community you are serving one another, you are expressing your true Self. You are moving into this Oneness, this One Heart, One Love, One Light you are all ways meant to be on this plane. Breathe this natural expression of who you are, embody this, be this, victorious in the light as light.

In the abundance of Pure Love, Pure Light,

In the Victory of Love,

Your Ever,