Sai Maa’s Writing on Death and Dying

Apr 5, 2013 | Uncategorized


Death is the most common (usual) fact of human existence, yet instead of preparing ourselves to face the moment, most choose to ignore, avoid—and some seem to refuse to hear about death. Without exception, all of us are to confront the situation of mortality of our beloved’s and our own physical body. Most think it’s the end of life; it may be the end of physicality, but definitely not of consciousness. In the hospital, many human bodies are kept artificially “alive”. We feel we can control life, which is possible but not by artificial means. Our control comes from our mastery, our wisdom, and our universal consciousness. And this will not happen, if we do not understand the mystery and illusion of death. Death has not yet been integrated into the experience of life…as knowledge of life, as wisdom of life. Death does not really exist; our being is beyond the experience of birth or death—we are eternal.

The fear of death occurs from lack of knowledge, from ignorance as most of us see existence as identification of the body, which is falsehood. We are playing a role; we are changing a costume—that’s what our body is. It’s a play of consciousness. All fear vanishes when we live in the knowingness of who we really are, our true identity. There is within us a free consciousness to be discovered. Introspection serves us to understand that we live in a world of falsehood. It is only by coming out of the ignorance of falsehood and duality that we experience the true knowledge.

When we know who we really are, we realize the body can be destroyed, can be killed, even, but never the Eternal in us, which is pure consciousness, indestructible, with no birth or death, this immortal part of ourselves, our soul. Introspection, silence, meditation, sadhana, and spiritual practices free us from the most deep fear-based expression and takes us to the non-death experience of life.

Those of you, who can see “death,” can use this opportunity for your sadhana— see the body disintegrate, lying in a cemetery, becoming dust or being burnt. This person may have been a very, very wealthy being, very selfish. Death has taken their wealth from him/her. When one leaves the planet, all material stays here. To be with God, we are alone. Many fear to be with God, to meet God. The death experience can be very peaceful, just as when one goes to sleep, totally at ease, and does not wake up. Imagine you go to sleep for hundreds of nights and one day wake up in a different form. It can be a beautiful experience only when lack of fear is present. Be happy for someone who leaves the physical envelope—it’s freedom, it’s love, free from duality, pain, pleasure, good or bad. The Self, the Soul, the Atma is not dying.

It is possible to allow one to leave this plane peacefully, by chanting the Divine name of God, by reading the scripture, or by evoking a holy moment. This is how the death experience will be—when one practices good actions, one can die peacefully. At the moment of death, wealth, good positions, husbands, wives, and possessions do not mean anything, no matter how much we have…we all leave this world empty of materiality. Worldly wealth has no meaning at this moment, only inner wealth. Divine wealth takes us to the Divine. Depending upon how we have spent our life, we will experience one of these two paths—only two paths: One is light, beauty, joy, contentment, and merging with Divinity; one is non-light, based in fear.

The body is a field where whatever we sow, we reap; yes, we will reap the consequence of our action. Prepare yourself well for the final physical journey. If you choose deliverance and freedom, be vigilant, always devoted to God, devoted to Love, as Love is God and God is Love.

In the Victory of Love,

Your Ever,