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Honored as a living saint and the first female Jagadguru in more than 2,700 years of the Vishnuswami lineage, Sai Maa carries a fierce yet tender love for all of humankind. She’s known for her elegance and grace, but it’s her refreshing candor and piercing vision that often inspires profound personal transformation.
Live Programs

Ignite Your Profound Life Global Unity Gathering

Join Sai Maa and the Awakened Life global community for a 4-day immersive LIVE virtual event to elevate our consciousness and prepare for the coming year.

Dec 16-19, 2021

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Cosmic Confluence ~ The Great Cosmic Energy Download

In this two-day online program with H.H. Sai Maa and the Japanese community, be in the energies of the Cosmic Confluence, to awaken the Truth of who we are.

Sept 25-26, 2021 (Japan time)

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Online Courses

40 Days with Sai Maa

Jumpstart your transformation anytime, anywhere. Tune in online and receive daily teachings and practices from Sai Maa, who works energetically to guide you in remembering who you truly are.

A New Mindset for an Unbounded Reality

H.H. Sai Maa offers a series of activated, guided hypnotherapy sessions designed to enhance your life experience in the areas of Abundance, Health, Relationships, and Wealth.

Conscious BioHealing

In this 21-day online Master Class designed to transform your physicality, Sai Maa works directly with you on how to intentionally reprogram your cellular structure, guiding your cells towards health and longevity.

latest News

Maha Lakshmi Initiation & Yagyas

Announced on August 1st, H.H. Sai Maa is offering a Maha Lakshmi Mantra Initiation and yagyas to activate within you the power and abundance of Maha Lakshmi and free yourself from limitations. To bring the energy of abundance into your life, you will receive an online Maha Lakshmi sacred mantra initiation, followed by yagyas to amplify the qualities of Maha Lakshmi.

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Watch H.H. Sai Maa’s Discourse on Maha Lakshmi and Abundance

H.H. Sai Maa has been working with powerful cosmic energies that uplift both the planet and all of humanity. Sai Maa wishes to share this work to support us as we step into the next level of our awakening.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021
3:00pm MDT / 5:00pm EDT / 11:00pm CEST

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Pandemic Relief Aid

Since 2020, the Light Legacy Foundation for Sai Maa’s humanitarian work has provided pandemic relief aid to India through a fund that provides food, blankets, medical supplies, and other much needed items. If you’re interested in helping, visit our Foundation webpage.


Profound Awakening Online Nov. 5-7 LEARN MORE
Global Unity Gathering Dec. 16-19 LEARN MORE
Profound Union for Lovers Online Feb. 11-13, 2022 LEARN MORE



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What Sai Maa’s Students Say

Yelena D. Hairstylist, Life coach, Magdalena Energy Practitioner, Speaker

“Since I’ve met Maa, my life started to have a clear direction, Everything what I ever dreamt of was becoming possible and then real. It was more clear to me that the person who was standing on a way to my desires was me.”

Sarah M., Spiritual Assistant

“Transformation and changes throughout my life came with awareness in my own behaviour. Maa showed me that awareness. Courage and discipline was up to me.”

Lise G. Therapist

“Since meeting Sai Maa judgements over myself have dropped, my confidence in me and in love has increased tremendously, my relationship with my child has transformed into the relationship I had always dreamed I would have with her and the field of what I see possible...

Kelly Donawho, Lawyer

“Being in Maa’s physical presence, I feel and know I am Loved.”

Rob Mc Donagh, Digital Marketer & SEO Specialist

“Sai Maa helped me early on my path of self-realisation if you will. Relationship to myself has improved – more healthy self-respect. Relationship towards my wife and kids has improved especially on a communication level. And of course my Spirituality has become more...

Weslyn Anne Raemakers

“Maa has shown me the true power that I AM.”

Let divine joy fill you. Let divine Love fill you. Let divine peace be your reality.

~ Sai Maa