Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya Sponsorships

Global Enlightenment: It’s Up to Us

You are invited to be a part of one of the largest ceremonies for global enlightenment of our lifetime. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to contribute to the spiritual awakening of humanity.

Be a Sponsor

When you serve as a sponsor, Sai Maa will use the Shakti of the Maha Yagya to work individually with you to cleanse and uplift your energies and karma. As a sponsor, you will have the honor of receiving the direct blessings of the Maha Yagya, which represents a foundational pillar of Sai Maa’s legacy of global enlightenment on the planet.

Your Sponsorship Includes

  • Your name and information being given to Sai Maa, so that Maa will work with the energies of the Maha Yagya to activate specific outcomes for you.
  • An exclusive webinar guided by the Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya, which will include teachings, guided meditation, and energetic work in preparation for the Maha Yagya (offered in English, French and Japanese).
  • Sacred, commemorative items that are blessed at the Maha Yagya.

Sai Maa is offering various ways for you to participate as a sponsor of the Maha Yagya, so that you may receive the blessings of the Maha Yagya to serve specific areas of your life.

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Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya Sponsorships will be available for online purchase through
Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 5 p.m. MDT.
Phone orders for sponsorships will be accepted Thursday, October 20, 2016, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MDT.
Sponsorships will also continue to be available for purchase onsite at the Maha Yagya.

To place a phone order, or for inquiries, please call Customer Support at 1.303.996.0123 (credit card orders only).


For the cleansing of your personal karma in support of your evolution. With an individual-level sponsorship, you will be invited to participate in an exclusive webinar guided by the Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya in the weeks prior to the Maha Yagya. This webinar will include guided meditation, teaching, energetic participation, and preparation for the Maha Yagya. It will be offered in English, French and Japanese, and playback will be available for those unable to join live. You will also receive sacred, commemorative items that are blessed at the Maha Yagya.

$1,008 USD


This specialty level sponsorship provides profound cleansing and transformation of the energies of your lineage, including ancestry, present and future.

*This work is for the direct bloodlines of the person sponsoring, including parents, spouses, ancestors, children, grandchildren, etc. It does not include family members not in direct bloodline, such as mother-in-law, spouse of relatives, etc. However, it does include adopted children.

$3,000 USD


This specialty level sponsorship will bless the success of your company and the fulfillment of its mission. Your name and the name of the company--of which you are the Managing Director, President or owner--will be given to Sai Maa who will work with the energies of the Maha Yagya to remove energetic obstacles and offer blessings for the realization of your company’s potential.

$5,000 USD

If you have a particular area of your life you feel drawn to focus your sponsorship on,
we offer six additional, customized sponsorships:


For financial prosperity and success.

$1,008 USD


For personal success and advancement in your career path.

$1,008 USD


To bless and support the continued soul journey of a loved one who has passed away.

$1,008 USD


For your growth and education across all areas of your life.

$1,008 USD


For the manifestation of vibrant health and wellbeing.

$1,008 USD


For the blessing of an intimate relationship (with partner, spouse, your soul).

$1,500 USD