Cultivate the Light Within

A Webinar Course for Your Daily Sadhana

We each have the ability to find an inner stillness and fulfillment that arises from a deep connection with the divine within us. In Cultivate the Light Within: A Webinar Course for Your Daily Sadhana, you will be guided by Brahmachari course teachers in exploring in-depth knowledge and practices to help you cultivate this connection each and every day.

In this live webinar course you will be guided by Brahmachari teachers in developing a sadhana practice that is a constant inner wellspring of strength, clarity and light to uplift your daily life.

From the comfort of your own home, you will receive teachings and practices the Brahmacharis have received directly from Sai Maa that will serve you to:

  • Strengthen and balance your emotional state
  • Illuminate and purify stagnant energies in your field
  • Live life in greater coherence with your divine Self
  • Cultivate mental stillness and discipline
  • Bring greater passion and fulfillment to your meditation practice
  • Energize and enliven your physical well-being
  • Be uplifted by a community of dedicated practitioners

This course is recommended for those who have prior experience with a meditation practice.

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Webinar schedule

English Course
Taught by Dayananda Brahmachari and Shree Devi Brahmacharini
Seven webinar classes, Sundays 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time
Every Sunday from January 29 until March 26, 2017 (with the exception of February 19 and March 12)

Tuition: $250