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Dayananda Brahmachari Shares the Inner Significance of Passover

March 30, 2018 • Teachings & Practices

Passover is the celebration of freedom, commemorating the liberation from slavery of the Jewish people by God through his prophet Moses, around 3300 years ago. In this short video from Dayananda Brahmachari, learn how the Jewish people went from slavery to freedom, and how this teaching relates to us today. read more

Navaratri, A Time to Deepen our Sadhana

March 16, 2018 • Teachings & Practices

March 18 marks the beginning of Spring Navaratri, a 9-day Hindu holiday that honors the power and grace of Mother Divine. While it is predominately celebrated in India, Sai Maa speaks to the universal significance of Navaratri as a time to deepen our experience of the Divine Feminine principle that… read more

Creating a Wealthy Life from Our Greatness Within

November 9, 2017 • Teachings & Practices

Sai Maa shares about the wealth we carry inside of us and how we can live a phenomenal life of opulence. read more

Change Your Breath, Heal Your Mind

October 7, 2017 • Teachings & Practices

Listen as Sai Maa shares with us how to shift our paradigm and move through the Veil. read more

Listen to the Love Meditation

August 28, 2017 • Teachings & Practices

It is essential to activate unconditional love on the planet at this time. Therefore, Sai Maa is inviting us to listen to and share this meditation. Listen Now read more