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Passover 2017


As the sun sets and the full moon rises on April 10th, Jews all over the world begin the week-long holiday of Passover.

Traditionally, Passover is the celebration of freedom, commemorating the liberation of the Jewish people, by God through his prophet Moses, from slavery in Egypt about 3300 years ago.

The Israelites, who were enslaved by Pharaoh, were forced to work without pay, under harsh working conditions, doing strenuous physical labor. Through God's grace, they were set free and eventually led to the Promised Land of Israel.

During Passover, Jews give thanks for their freedom then and their freedom today. On one level, we Jews no longer live in slavery. However, let’s look at three ways in which all of us still are enslaved.

One way we enslave ourselves is by trying to please everyone in our life (“pleaser-energy). First of all, we can never please everyone—trying is an endless, thankless task. We inevitably run into situations in which pleasing one person will displease another person. We can’t win. Most importantly, when we live our life to please others, we are not free within ourselves. We ignore our own needs—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Another way we enslave ourselves is by remaining stuck in old, low vibration patterns and habits. Sometimes we are not even aware of our self-destructive habits. At other times, we want to change and yet we helplessly and hopelessly fall back into that which we want to change. We must acknowledge then accept our patterns before we can wisely choose a higher vibration pattern.

Finally, we enslave ourselves by living in fear instead of love. To embody our divine nature, during Passover we are reminded to move out of the old fear-based habits and patterns that enslave us to the ego, and return to our true nature of Love. We must learn how to be more and more obedient to our heart and not to the fear-base patterns of the ego. To be truly free, we must overcome our resistance to living in accordance with Natural Law by clinging to my bad habits and old patterns and ignoring my spiritual practice and selfless service. We must elevate our desire for true freedom above our desire for material possessions and comfort.

This Passover let be inspired to seek freedom on the emotional, psychological and spiritual levels as well. This Passover we may take the time and see where we are enslaving ourselves by pleasing others, clinging to low vibration habits and choosing fear over love. This Passover let us commit to celebrating our own freedom by living our life authentically, expressing the love and light of our own heart our true nature.