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New Year's Message from Sai Maa


Beloved Souls,


I love you so, and I embrace you in the depths of your sacred heart.  

We are entering the ascension of the planet to the fifth dimension frequencies of light. A new Yuga has begun, a new era. This coming year of 2015 is a great preparation for the full magnitude, for each of us individually and all of us collectively, knowing that the enlightened state that empowers us as a being of light is from the realm of illuminated mind, illuminated truth, illuminated heart from which we know oneness of life.  

As we move into this new year, it is time for you to focus on the grand design. There is an intelligent mind, a source, a greater consciousness. Embrace that consciousness, the collective consciousness. Be mindful. Realize the powerful Shakti that is bathing the planet, healing, clearing, washing, activating. Open yourself to receive. Come out of old patterns so you can all use this greatly accelerated vibration to embrace your new frequencies, thus to step up to the fifth dimension consciously. Yes, conscious evolution.  

Be a model of cooperation in that new Yuga, knowing clearly that civilization is cyclic. Yes, we have had advanced civilizations. And today I can say very clearly that light is not random, your body is not random, and you are so clearly connected to all that is. You carry within you ancient knowledge. Today you can bridge your ancient knowledge with what you know now, in that tremendous transformation, entering the rhythm of the new field.  

Know that you create The Becoming of You in every instant, with each breath, with each action. This transformation, this evolution, takes place within each of you, and among all of you serving one another as a global family. This is Togetherness in Action, Divine Love in Action, Divine Presence in Action.  

I bless you with loving human relationships and harmony, for the peacefulness that each of you is wishing for from the depths of your heart. In the sharing of love and caring, in the Eternality of our Oneness, I am devoted to you.


Your Ever,
Sai Maa