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Preparation for 2015: Message from Sai Maa


On November 5th, Lucinda Hanover delivered a very important message from Sai Maa to the global community regarding the preparation for 2015 and the new era humanity is moving into. Sai Maa states, “We are entering a powerful phase that will accelerate humanity in its global return to Divine Purpose”. We invite you to listen to this message and learn how we can come together to begin the work of Sai Maa’s message.

Listen to the message (15 minutes)

The Becoming of You Workshops

To assist us in preparing for 2015, Sai Maa is creating four energetic vortexes in Philadelphia, Denver, Scottsdale and Albany. There will be four workshops offered in December and the beginning of January in each of these locations. For those participating Sai Maa will work with you to prepare you as a pillar of light for the coming year and beyond.

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