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Ways to Prepare for the
Global Synchronized Meditation


“As soon as you start to meditate, your inner being starts to unfold.
You cannot stop that process. When you meditate, the inner spiritual power starts to uplift you. This power transforms you on many levels, and through this spiritual knowledge your enlightenment begins.”

- Sai Maa

On October 22 (6 pm EDT)/October 23 (7 am JST), Her Holiness Sai Maa and the Order of Sai Maa Brahmacharya are offering an unprecedented opportunity to join together with thousands of people across the globe for a free, one-hour Global Synchronized Meditation.

About the Global Synchronized Meditation

The Global Synchronized Meditation is being initiated on the final day of the Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya--one of the largest ceremonies for global enlightenment of our time--which is taking place at the base of majestic Mt. Fuji. This profound, unifying meditation experience will amplify the global impact of the Maha Yagya, as together we contribute to the collective light of higher consciousness.

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Ways to Deepen and Enhance Your Meditation Experience

There are many ways to create an environment that enhances and makes your meditation experience even more profound.

• Ensure you prepare a comfortable area of your home or space to be within, as well as finding a relaxing position and wearing comfortable clothing.

• Release from your mind all anxious thoughts, allowing complete emptiness so that you may have a pure focus.

• Create and repeat a mantra (a word, or series of words) if you choose to.

• You may choose to meditate in silence or with the accompaniment of music: whichever you choose during your meditation can be helpful in cleansing thoughts from your mind. If you choose to incorporate music, it is typical to choose something peaceful or rhythmic.

• You may consider chanting or humming in preparation for your meditation, especially in an effort to balance your chakras.

You may access further resources and enhancements for deepening your meditation experience from the Sai Maa Bookstore here.

Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya: Become a Sponsor or Offer a Prayer Stick

In addition to joining us for the free Global Synchronized Meditation, you may participate in the Maha Yagya as a sponsor or purchase a prayer stick.

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to receive the direct blessings of the Maha Yagya as Sai Maa uses the Shakti of the Maha Yagya to work individually with you to cleanse and uplift your energies and karma.


By purchasing a traditional Japanese prayer stick, you will offer into the sacred fire your prayer and intention for global enlightenment, which will magnify the global activation of the Maha Yagya.

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