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Mariamma Inauguration Brings Together Hundreds for Momentous Occasion

Last weekend, we gathered in the Catskill Mountains of New York as Sai Maa activated and brought to life Mariamma, a murti embodying and emanating the qualities and energy of Mother Divine. At this stunning outdoor ceremony, which began at sunrise, Maa--wearing a white, silk robe and adorned with flower leis bursting with color--also offered Darshan to, and hosted a yagya for, the nearly 300 guests.

Three communities come together to welcome the living Mariamma

The community of Sai Maa joined together with the communities of the Bodhivastu Foundation for Enlightened Activity and Rudi (Swami Rudrananda) at this most momentous and sacred celebration. During this full-day ceremony, Maa entered the sacred interior of Mariamma's temple, and then Maa, together with Vedic Pundits and Brahmacharis, bathed, oiled, and dressed Her, transforming Mariamma from a black granite statue into a fully living murti.

Following this powerful activation, Maa parted the curtains of the temple, revealing Mariamma in all Her splendor. Aarti was offered to Mariamma and then Maa, after which time all present came forward to receive Darshan from Maa and Mariamma and khata (receiving of white scarf) from Lama Rangbar Nyima Ozer. The ceremony concluded with a bhandara feast shared among the three communities.