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Sai Maa Visits Oldest Shinto Shrine in Japan


Her Holiness Sai Maa Visits Ancient Japanese Shrine

October 16, 2016

Her Holiness Sai Maa was recently invited to the Fujiasoyama Daijingu near the base of majestic Mt. Fuji in Japan. Fujiasoyama Daijingu is the oldest Shinto shrine in Japan, and its lineage dates back to the ancestry of the Japanese Imperial Household. The creator Goddess of Japan, Amaterasu herself, is said to have originated at this shrine, as she first appeared at the apex of Mt. Fuji.

When head priest, Seisu Watanabe Daiguji, first heard of Sai Maa’s 108 Maha Yagya, and Maa’s mission of global enlightenment, he immediately felt the significance of the work and offered his support to this most sacred mission. For this, he offered the shrine’s most precious treasure, the Goshintai (embodiment of the Deity of Mt. Fuji) to be placed on the main altar during the three days of the Maha Yagya. This is an honor that has never been bestowed before, and signifies a strong acknowledgement of Sai Maa and Maa’s mission.

On October 21, 2016,, the Maha Yagya will begin with a procession, including the placement of this sacred murti of the Fujiasoyama Shinto Lineage on the main altar. Watanabe Daiguji also offered to conduct a goma (Japanese style fire ceremony) at the Fujiasoyama Shrine concurrently with the Maha Yagya. Because of the significance of the location of the shrine in its orientation to Mt. Fuji and the Maha Yagya site, the offering of his goma ceremony is considered a powerful support to the work that is being done.

Upon arrival at the Shrine, Sai Maa paid deep respect to the deities of the land and Mt. Fuji, in the tradition of a water purification ceremony, followed by a Shinto-style prayer at the ancient site, which is nestled into the Japanese mountainside. Afterwards, Sai Maa and Watanabe Daiguji spoke for hours, and had an immediate and deep connection based upon their mutual commitment to planetary enlightenment.

Watanabe Daiguji has devoted his life to restoring the deities to the shrines in many parts of Japan. Many deities had retreated into the earth due to the darkness that was brought about due to the war and strife on the planet. He shared how the ancient Shinto temples were created to appease the deities, because when the deities are unsettled, they can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to the areas surrounding them. Thus, he has dedicated his life to restoring these deities to the shrines. Watanabe Daiguji desires to go to North and South America, places that he has yet to visit, to continue his work there; Maa has offered to support him in this mission.

The power of the Maha Yagya is now pulsating through the land around Mt. Fuji, and these pulsations are rippling through the planet and the cosmos. Many beings--both seen and unseen--are gathering for this extraordinary ceremony. Her Holiness Sai Maa is inviting everyone to be in the shakti of this Maha Yagya, with great, great blessings.