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Honoring Jagadguru Sai Maa on Guru Purnima


On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima on July 5, a celebration took place at the Shaktidhaam Ashram in Kashi, India with offerings of deep gratitude and respect to Jagadguru Sai Maa. In an online webinar led by Swami Parameshwar Das Maharaj and Anant Das Maharaj, others from around the world joined them in sharing about the profound grace of the Guru.

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A letter to Jagadguru Sai Maa from a student on Guru Purnima.


My Most Beloved Maa,

I am so infinitely, deeply grateful for Maa. Thank you for saying yes to me, again and again in this lifetime. I am so grateful for the work, the love, the care of Maa. I feel deeply held, loved and supported. Thank you for caring for my body so deeply, so tenderly. The healing this year is profound at all levels. I see that my awareness of my own mortality is serving me at a very high level and I am grateful. Thank you! During coronavirus, I had a profound experience of Maa’s Love and Devotion for me and I had the awareness that inside of this Love, I can do anything, transmute all things.

Through the immense opportunity of teaching in the Quantum BioHealing course, I find that I am experiencing depths of energy and states that I did not know existed. I am Deeply Grateful. I have been working with Devotion, bringing this into all of my being, every cell, every moment. I am now dreaming of how to be Divine Mother for others. One day, I would like to be like Maa – with the choice to come back to Earth for service for the upliftment of humanity, to offer to others the kind of Divine, Infinite Love that has been offered to me.

In reflecting on how much I have changed through knowing my Maa, I was remembering back to the year before I did my journey of profound healing. I remember listening to recordings of Sai Baba chanting “Asato Ma Sat Gamaya” while I cleaned boats. Then, I was imagining that I was in India, cleaning the floors of Maa’s Ashram. I could not have imagined then who I am now through my Maa’s Grace.

I Pranam! Pranam! Pranam!

Om Jai Jai Sai Maa!

With Love and Great Gratitude,

Rachel Simpson