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Sai Maa’s Visit to Izumo Temple in Japan


Om Jai Jai Sai Maa. During Her Holiness Sai Maa’s recent trip to Japan, I had the deeply profound opportunity to accompany Sai Maa, on a visit to one of the most ancient and important Shinto shrines in Japan: Izumo Taisha. Sai Maa was granted entry to the Izumo inner shrine, the Abode of Ohkuninushi-no-Mikoto, to offer special worship to the Deity. This special worship opportunity is rarely granted and, as we were greeted at the temple, I could feel the enormity of our visit.

After a brief audience, we were taken to the inner sanctum by a Shinto priest who presided over our visit. He spoke to us about Ohkuninushi-no-Mikoto. He explained that this Deity is known in Japan as the God who grants the boon of “bringing together (enmusubi)” and although many people come seeking to find a human partner, the priest explained that the actual power of Ohkuninushi-no-Mikoto is in governing the realms of spirit, bringing together the unseen with the unseen. Spirit to spirit re-connecting us with the unseen forces of who we are, who we think we are, with the spirit that we are—the re-merging of that which has gone into separation.

As Sai Maa listened to the story, Maa’s eyes never wandered from the Abode where Ohkuninushi is enshrined. Sai Maa said this is the same energy as Indra, and that this is the quantum. As Maa continued to gaze at the Abode, Sai Maa saw Ohkuninushi, the God of Izumo Taisha in the center, a presence brighter than the sun itself, and then Maa merged with Him in total reverence.
It was pouring rain and we were standing under an overhang facing the Abode. In that moment, Sai Maa fell to the wet ground, forehead to the earth, in a deep pranam to the God who resided within. Several moments we were there, as time stopped. Then Maa stood up, and bowing one last time, we left the inner sanctum. As we were leaving, Maa said, “I think He may be coming with me to the world at some time. This may happen.” There was something in Maa’s voice and the way this was spoken that I knew something very important and incredible had just taken place.

Because of the special power of “bringing together” that Ohkuninushi-no-Mikoto possesses, all of the gods from all over Japan come once a year to Izumo for the “God’s Conference.” Each god has a different and unique gift, and in coming together they can support each other to grant the prayers of the people who come to each of their shrines.

This photo of Sai Maa was taken at the beach, near the landing where the Gods arrive for the conference. It is at the foot of a rock formation housing a temple dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati (Sai Maa said Lakshmi is also present there). Their shakti was so palpable in this location, and the god presence that Maa embodies was so powerful in Maa’s physical body as Maa stood there.

At a recent program, I was showing one photo, that was on my IPhone, to the people who were participating in the program online, when all of these rainbows suddenly appeared.

Indra, Quantum, Izumo Taisha... it is so clear to me that Maa is embodying all of this. There is something amazing unfolding in the work of the Quantum that Maa is undertaking. The planet is shifting, and I believe we have only had a taste of what is yet to come.

This presence that I was privy to witness on that day in Izumo is the Divine Presence that lives within you and within me. And it is surfacing. The unseen world of the Quantum is now manifesting fully in our lives. And Mikoto-ji (Sai Maa’s name for Ohkuninushi-no-Mikoto) is with us, with Maa. Mikoto-ji is not only all powerful, but a kind and caring God, who embodies the Oneness Consciousness that we are now awakening to.

In deep devotion and gratitude to my Maa,
Rajeshwari Maa