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Sai Maa’s Visit to Izumo Temple in Japan


Om Jai Jai Sai Maa.
Beloved Maa,
Yesterday we had our monthly Circle of Light program at Sai Maa Cafe. I spoke about Maa’s visit to the Izumo Temple, and how the temple priest explained that this is the God of the Gods in Japan, and his special power is connecting the unseen with the unseen.

Maa said this is the same as Indra, and he is working with the quantum. Maa saw the God of Izumo Taisha as brighter than the sun, and merged with him in total reverence.

All of the gods come once a year to Izumo for a “God’s Conference”. This photo of Maa was taken where the Gods arrive for the conference. When I showed the photo to the people participating online, all of these rainbows suddenly appeared.

Indra, Quantum, Izumo Taisha... it is clear that Maa is embodying all of this.

To my Maa,
In deep devotion and gratitude.
Rajeshwari Maa