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Journey of Profound Abundance

The Journey of Profound Abundance is an opportunity to manifest the richness of life that is the natural expression of our divinity. In this Journey, Sai Maa and teachers will guide each one to clear limiting belief systems that inhibit us from expressing and generating abundance – allowing us to become a pure vessel for that which is our birthright.

Navaratri Yagya in Kashi, India

Honoring the sacred holiday of Navaratri, a powerful yagya in Kashi, India is taking place every day from September 25th to October 2nd. Experience the Shakti and grace of Mother Divine through this video offering activated by Sai Maa during the recent Journey of Profound Abundance.

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Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Sep 29-Oct 2, 2014, • Burlington, US
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Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Oct 2-5, 2014, • Burlington, US
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Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Oct 6-9, 2014, • Burlington, US
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Darshan with Sai Maa
Oct 11, 2014, • Montreal, Canada
Journey of Profound Healing (Japanese)
Oct 19-24, 2014, • Naples, US
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Navaratri Sadhana Module #2: Maha Lakshmi Sep 23, 2014
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Navaratri Sadhana Module #1: Maha Durga Sep 23, 2014
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Petals of Grace 2nd Edition

Newly released 2nd edition with a new cover, photos and updated glossary! Petals of Grace: Essential Teachings for Self-Mastery offers a broad and inspirational introduction to the writings and teachings of Sai Maa. Covering topics from relationships and forgiveness, to who we are and why we are here, each page vibrates with Sai Maa's universal wisdom.  Every word activates our innate knowledge, guiding us to step into our own self-mastery.

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