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Live Streaming the Passion Tour

Join the 2014 Passion Tour in Denver... by Live Stream! From around the world, all are invited to be with Sai Maa and teachers for an exploration of living passion from the inside out.

August 9-10: Embodying a Passionate Life • Denver, USA

Hear from Successors Joey and Lucinda about The Passion Tour

22 Days of Gratitude:
Sai Maa Birthday Yagya

On Sai Maa’s birthday, Maa is offering a yagya to activate the state of enlightenment within each of us. Participate by making an offering to the Sai Maa Birthday Yagya to invoke healing and illumination into your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Make an offering on behalf of yourself and loves ones for the Sai Maa Birthday Yagya

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Sai Maa’s Birthday Yagya
Aug 2, 2014, • Kashi, India
Sai Maa’s Birthday Celebrations
Aug 2, 2014, • Global
Journey of Profound Awakening (English)
Aug 4-9, 2014, • Vail, US
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Passion Tour - Denver
Aug 9-10, 2014, • Denver, USA
Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Aug 10-13, 2014, • Denver, US
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Petals of Grace 2nd Edition

Newly released 2nd edition with a new cover, photos and updated glossary! Petals of Grace: Essential Teachings for Self-Mastery offers a broad and inspirational introduction to the writings and teachings of Sai Maa. Covering topics from relationships and forgiveness, to who we are and why we are here, each page vibrates with Sai Maa's universal wisdom.  Every word activates our innate knowledge, guiding us to step into our own self-mastery.

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