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The Passion Tour TM

Join Sai Maa and her teachers for The Passion Tour, a worldwide series of events that explores passion as the essential energy to fuel a life of purpose, alignment and fulfillment. Through practical teachings and energetic activations and empowerments, each Passion Tour event offers a unique gateway to embodying passion. Participate in person in the USA, Canada, Japan and Belgium or online via live video streaming.

Joey Klein's "The Inner Matrix"

The Inner Matrix illuminates a proven approach to living a truly rich and meaningful life – one more deeply connected to spirit. Marrying the ancient wisdom traditions of East and West with the latest science in genetics, psychology, and brain function, Klein provides a cutting-edge system to transform your life by shifting deep patterns that create stress and limit your success.

Upcoming Events

Redesign Your Future
May 3-4, 2014, • Montreal, Canada
Healers Intensive (Healers)
May 8-10, 2014, • Albany, US
Darshan with Sai Maa
May 10, 2014, • Albany, USA
Journey of Profound Healing (General)
May 11-14, 2014, • Philadelphia, US
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Journey of Profound Healing (General)
May 14-17, 2014, • Philadelphia, US
This Journey is full, sign up for the waitlist

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Passover: A Celebration of Freedom and Faith Apr 14, 2014
At sunset tonight, April 14th, the Jewish festival of Passover begins. This eight-day celebration of freedom and faith commemorates the…
Victory Day Apr 9, 2014
By Dayananda Bramachari The victory of Mother Divine is the awakening, the expression of the Divine in all aspects of…
Saraswati Maa Apr 8, 2014
By Dayananda Bramachari Om Jai Jai Sai Maa During the last three days of Navaratri, the great Devi appears in…
Maha Lakshmi
Living in Divine Opulence
Apr 2, 2014
By Anantananda Das Brahmchari Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiye Namaha For three days of Navaratri, the Hindu Goddess Maha Lakshmi is…

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Petals of Grace 2nd Edition

Newly released 2nd edition with a new cover, photos and updated glossary! Petals of Grace: Essential Teachings for Self-Mastery offers a broad and inspirational introduction to the writings and teachings of Sai Maa. Covering topics from relationships and forgiveness, to who we are and why we are here, each page vibrates with Sai Maa's universal wisdom.  Every word activates our innate knowledge, guiding us to step into our own self-mastery.

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