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Next Conscious Healing Call on February 8th!

Join Sai Maa for this monthly call series to gain the knowledge and experience to heal your whole system, including your mind, personality, emotions, karma and body. You will engage in practices to consciously embody greater harmony, coherence, and strength for an enlightened daily life experience. This is a subscription based program which you can join and cancel at any time.

Sacred Ceremony in San Diego

On February 13th at 6 a.m. Pacific Time a sacred ceremony will be offered by 11 Vedic pundits (priests) in the presence of Sai Maa, Maa’s Successors and Brahmacharis (nuns and monks) to bless the Sathya Sai Maa Padukas. This special and rare occasion, taking place at the Hilton Del Mar during the Wisdom and Enlightenment event, is open to the public at no charge and everyone is welcome to attend. Please consider joining us and inviting your friends and family!

Upcoming Events

Journey of Profound Healing (Healers)
Feb 6-9, 2016, • Naples, USA
This event has already begun
Valentine's Weekend with Sai Maa
Feb 12-14, 2016, • San Diego, USA
Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Mar 5-8, 2016, • Naples, USA
This event is sold out
Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Mar 8-11, 2016, • Naples, USA
This event is sold out
Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Mar 11-14, 2016, • Naples, USA
This event is sold out
Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Mar 31-Apr 4, 2016, • Naples, USA
Only 1 seats remaining

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