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New Update:
Sai Maa to teach in Philly May 3rd

Saturday evening, May 2nd, Sai Maa will be offering Darshan and on Sunday, May 3rd Sai Maa will join teachers Lucinda and Doug Hanover at the Fostering Loving Relationships program in Philadelphia. Do not miss this opportunity to be with Sai Maa and her teachers.

Spring Navaratri 2015

Over the nine days of Navaratri three different Yagyas will be performed to invoke the energy of the divine mother.

Listen to and experience the chants of these pundits during Navaratri

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Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Apr 11-14, 2015, • Naples, USA
This Journey is sold out, sign up for the waitlist
Journey of Profound Healing (General)
Apr 14-17, 2015, • Naples, USA
Only 5 seats remaining
Journey of Profound Awakening (English with French Translation)
Apr 21-26, 2015, • Naples, USA
Darshan with Sai Maa
May 2, 2015, • Philadelphia, USA
Darshan is a beautiful opportunity to experience the grace of Sai Maa and receive a powerful blessing…
Foster Loving Relationships
May 3, 2015, • Philadelphia, USA
The time is now to have each and every relationship in our lives be filled with joy and vibrancy. Experience…
Darshan with Sai Maa
May 8, 2015, • Scottsdale, USA
Darshan is a beautiful opportunity to experience the grace of Sai Maa and receive a powerful blessing…

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For seven years Crestone, Colorado, became a home to Sai Maa; an anchor for Maa’s work and community. This book is a journey through that time with Sai Maa: with the Sai Maa community in Crestone and the profound teachings that were born from the energy there. Crestone is now available for purchase through the online bookstore. Outside the US and Canada? Email​ ​ to order.

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