Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya

October 21-23, 2016, Mt. Fuji, Japan

Number of Participants

On the final day of Her Holiness Sai Maa’s legacy Maha Yagya at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan, Sai Maa is offering a Global Synchronized Meditation--a free, live-stream, one-hour meditation that will amplify the global impact of the Maha Yagya and allow us to contribute to the collective light of higher consciousness.


Live Stream the Global Meditation

Be part of one of the largest ceremonies for global enlightenment
of our era--the Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya--by joining us for our free, live-stream Global Synchronized Meditation October 22, 2016.

Maha Yagya Sponsorships

You have the opportunity to receive the power and energy of the
Sai Maa 108 Maha Yagya, one of the largest ceremonies for global enlightenment of our time, by serving as a sponsor When you sponsor the Maha Yagya, taking place October 21-23 at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan, the energy of the Maha Yagya will serve your enlightened state… wherever you are in the world.

Offer a Maha Yagya Prayer Stick

Contribute to Sai Maa’s legacy Maha Yagya and one of the largest ceremonies for global enlightenment of our time. By purchasing a traditional Japanese prayer stick, you will offer into the sacred fire your prayer and intention for global enlightenment, which will magnify the global activation of the Maha Yagya.

Living Life Divine

Come together to engage in the fullness of Living Life Divine—a life lived from the ease, grace and fulfillment that comes with aligning with all of creation.

Conscious Healing Calls

Sai Maa Conscious Healing Calls are held each month, and offer one of the most energizing methods of receiving ongoing support and personal guidance from Maa. We welcome you to join us for these calls (the next call is Monday, October 10), which bring together hundreds of people from across the globe as we receive Maa’s wisdom. Learn to embrace our own divinity, as you dissolve discordant energies and patterns that are holding us back.


Ways to Prepare for the
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