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Sai Maa Blesses Hundreds in Arizona

Sai Maa’s first visit to the vortex city of Phoenix/Scottsdale has been monumental for those blessed to be in Maa’s physical presence. The vast majority of the 200 people who attended The Evening with Sai Maa had never met Maa before. Many spoke of receiving Maa’s invitation the same morning of the program, and that they simply had to be there.

Your Soul: The Becoming of You

This 2015 Program Series, taught by Sai Maa’s Successors and Teachers, is designed specifically to serve you in this time of preparing the New Era. Each of the four programs offers an essential education and activation to enliven and enlighten your life throughout 2015 and prepare you for 2016.

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The Becoming of You
Jan 31, 2015, • Montreal, Canada
We have the choice to hold onto what was or expand into the unbounded joy and passion of who we are…
The Becoming of You
Jan 31, 2015, • Fukuoka, Japan
We have the choice to hold onto what was or expand into the unbounded joy and passion of who we are…
Journey of Profound Healing (Healers)
Feb 1-4, 2015, • Naples, USA
Only 1 seats remaining
Journey of Profound Healing (French Language)
Feb 4-7, 2015, • Naples, USA
Loving, Healthy, Caring Relationships
Feb 14, 2015, • Denver, USA
The time is now to have each and every relationship in our lives be filled with joy and vibrancy. Experience…

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Sai Maa Blesses Hundreds in Arizona Jan 19, 2015
This weekend created a foundation for the Arizona community to move into action and leadership: being in alignment with the…
Experiencing "The Becoming of You", Albany, NY & Scottsdale, AZ Jan 7, 2015
"I recently expressed the manifestation to find and learn how to breathe in order to access the divine power in…
New Year's Message from Sai Maa Jan 1, 2015
Beloved Souls,   I love you so, and I embrace you in the depths of your sacred heart.   We…
A Soul’s Journey Dec 16, 2014
Om Jai Jai Sai Maa As your eyes find their way to be reading this now, invite yourself to take…

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For seven years Crestone, Colorado, became a home to Sai Maa; an anchor for Maa’s work and community. This book is a journey through that time with Sai Maa: with the Sai Maa community in Crestone and the profound teachings that were born from the energy there. Crestone is now available for purchase through the online bookstore. Outside the US and Canada? Email​ ​ to order.

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